harnessing the power of photography for good

julius & lea lewis…wedding foto phun

wedding phun…reception was over and we all went to take a few more photos of the bridal party.  trevor, malia and cyndy were with the bride and her entourage…i was chillin the the julius and the guys.  a little direction and bam!  let the photo phun happen!

part of the phun of shooting with friends, is that there are more eyes to see and get the shot…i think we all took the foto above.  i tend to shoot underexposed but in the above photo it was a little overexposed.  so i cranked up the saturation and overexposed it in lightroom to blow out her dress.  its a nice counter balance to the nice proper fotos the others shot of the bride.

proud dad!

father of the bride, waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle…this is a classic mike diggs foto!  big smile, squinting eyes and chewing gum.  thankfully the gum stayed hidden in most of the family fotos, but not the smile.

trevor and i got to meet with julius and lea this afternoon and present them their wedding fotos (unfortunately malia & cyndy couldnt make it)…its always phun to be there to show the bride n groom all the hard work yall put in to document this beautiful day for them.  always a huge blessing.

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