harnessing the power of photography for good


revovate is a bi-monthly gathering that welcomes youth and young adults who want to get serious about their relationship with Jesus.   renovates mission is to help equip youth to live a righteous lifestyle, full of boldness, yielded to the Holy Spirit & fully consecrated to His direction. their goal is to take campuses for the GLORY OF GOD!  see the power and presence of God invade every area of society in a mighty way.

they asked if i could come and take some photos for them…its a real treat to see youth & young adults worshiping Him with all their hearts…

call us rock photographers or mission focused, our goal is still the same….capture the Holy Spirit at work.  the vibe at renovate was electric, everyone was fired up for God!  yet in the middle of that this gal was in another place…the Holy Spirit was moving.

more photos are up….please visit our MISSION focused FB site HERE


One response

  1. Josiah Elias

    Joe your the man!!! Thanks so much for coming and capturing these pictures for everyone to enjoy! I get soooooo blessed every time I look through these! I know that everybody else does as well!!!! ITS SOOOO AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much for putting these up here and writing about Renovate! Your an incredible blessing sir! I love your ministry! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!
    Much Love!

    May 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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