harnessing the power of photography for good

Inter Mission…

i recently spent a few hours up in oceanside at the mission san luis rey.  ive seen photos and know friends who have been up there but never had a chance to visit…

i spent some time just chillin inside the old mission church.  it reminded me of many of the churches in oaxaca that we visited.  much like my time in oaxaca,  i took some time to just sit and wait…

i really liked the next photo.  the dad rolled by me and went left, his son wandered by a few seconds later…he looked around, presumably at his dad and walked forward and knelt down…just like his dad.  the photo isnt as sharp is i would like it to be, but im ok with it.  i think the lesson here is more important than the image.  little boys do what they see their dad doing!  we all need to take some time to chill and be still.

we all need to spend more time with our dads, doing what they do and what they tell us to do…im glad i finally made it to the mission.


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