harnessing the power of photography for good

new beginnings

in the span of 4 days i had the honor of helping document the wedding of lorse & lisa and the homecoming celebration of mary jimenez.  when youre at life events like this in such a close span of time, you surprisingly hear similar themes…of the beauty & promise of new life and the old being replaced with the new.

these type of life occurrences arent lost on me.  you cant help but think about life and your own mortality.  you start taking inventory of who you are and what your all about.  this of course includes photography…

celebrating the life & homecoming of mary jimenez

on our recent fieldtrip up to san juan capistrano i had some time to chill with God, have some fun taking photos and to listen to what He wanted to tell me.  i was reminded from the above photo, that we do things for God with our gifts and talents, but unless we do it with God’s master plan in mind…the advancing of His Kingdom and sharing about Jesus, it doesnt matter.

the bell tower at the mission is still standing, but much of the surrounding structure is gone…but the flowers are blooming.  it reminds me that it really doesnt matter what camera i have, what techniques i use to edit photos, or if i belong to this or that photo association.   the challenge from God continues to be, am i using the gift of photography to glorify Him, to the best of my ability.   in the end, He is gonna hold me accountable for how i used my gifts for Him…God will certainly not care if im a pc or mac, canon or nikon, or if i shot raw or jpg.  its all a tool to Glorify Him.

sometimes you have to take what God gives you, and march on…be obedient and trust!

Semper Fi!

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