harnessing the power of photography for good

photo peeps this wednesday…april 13th

photo peeps this wednesday, april 13th, 7pm at the rock in room 353

all are welcome

we have just begun an extended series of classes on film photography…this is our 3rd week, we dive into the film camera this wednesday.

homework for this wednesdays class…same as last week

get yourself a disposable film camera, from whereva…and take photos.  take the camera and get the film developed and have the photos put on a cd.  pick out your favorite 3 photos from the lot and get ready to share in class about the photos and your experience.

this is a class on photography, exploring the fun you can have with film.  so it helps if you have a film camera.  some things to know:

  • film isnt free.  so this class will require you to pay for film and developing.  and there will be 2 more times you will be required to  purchase a disposable camera and you will  be strongly encouraged to buy a holga film camera as well.
  • you dont have to have a film camera to participate.  if all you have is a digital camera, you can still have fun with us.  there are a few restrictions you must agree to abide by.  we will have that list in class for you.
  • you dont have to buy a film slr camera.  a point n shoot film camera is fine.
  • if you dont have a film camera but would like to purchase a camera… we recommend going to nelson photo, in little italy to see if they have any used film cameras.  they often carry a selection of used cameras for local colleges who offer film classes.  or you can check out KEH.com, they have used camera gear you can purchase as well.
  • if you cant afford to purchase a film camera right now, let us know.  we have a few film cameras you can borrow.
  • lastly, photography is fun.  film photography is fun.  we like to have fun!

again, all are welcome!  with or without a film camera.  if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at



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