harnessing the power of photography for good

film is for real! photopeeps goin old school…

i like canon cameras.

i dont believe canon cameras are better than nikons or pentax or insert your favorite camera here.

cameras are a tool or sometimes a weapon…and we all have a choice, to use our weapon for good or evil.

the camera gives us power…power to persuade, destroy, defame, hurt, punish, help, build-up, encourage, inspire….you can go on and on with the types of things you can do with the camera.

some of the swallows we saw on saturday…

we believe at MISSION focused, that its important to understand how to use the camera inorder to do the most good for humanity.  thats why have classes, field trips to see swallows, take photos that will bless military families, and why we choose to minister alongside pastors and missionaries in oaxaca, mexico.

we believe that part of understanding the camera and photography in general, you need to understand how to use a film camera.

thats why we are excited to begin our first film class this wednesday.  this is gonna be a journey that we will all begin together this wednesday evening, and hopefully it will be a quest that yall will continue for the rest of your photographic life.

we firmly believe that shooting film will make each of us a better photographer.

so we invite all yall to come join us this wednesday nite, 7pm in room 353, 3rd floor at the rock, as we begin to have more fun…

photography is fun

this wednesday we will be the introduction to the film class…everyone is invited with or without a camera.  with or without a film camera.  come and have fun with us

for more info feel free to contact us at mission.focused@yahoo.com


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