harnessing the power of photography for good

scotland, mexico & being born free…

the final session at catalyst featured randall wallace.  he wrote the movie braveheart.

he shared about the following battlefield scene and how it was made…

on one of the first takes, with 7 cameras rolling, mel gibson’s character, william wallace is addressing the men of scotland who are about to fight…randall said the vibe was electric, and that you could hear a “pin drop” as william wallace was talking to the men.  when william asks them “will you fight?” all of the men yelled “yes!”  they were fired up!  cut! the men were so fired up that they forgot that they were to say “no, we will run.” he said the funny thing about that was the day before all the men, who were extras, were dressed up as english soldiers filming the other side of the scene

this years theme at catalyst was “take courage”

as ive had some time now to reflect and process this year catalyst experience, the message of william wallace has stuck with me.  the question he asks the men of scotland, “what will you do with (your) freedom?”

am i willing to die for the Jesus?

we have the freedom to worship Christ without fear of persecuion or death in the usa.  praise God for that.  the above photo is whats left of one of the first christian churches in oaxaca.  its located in an town called San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya.  the locals werent so welcoming of them and burned the church down with the pastor inside.  this is in the 60’s, as in 1960’s.  so this is recent history.  it made me think…not only about my willingness to die for Jesus, but about why i was in mexico.  its to help spread the Good News of Jesus, using the gift of photography. we have freedom…do we have the courage to die, as the pastor did in mexico and as fellow believers do today in china and other countries that persecute christians…

while i recognize that william wallace is not being persecuted and killed for his faith in Jesus…it works as a reminder of those who have been persecuted, tortured, and killed for confessing Christ.

“freedom” isnt free! it comes with a price, blood was shed.  be it the blood of the patriots, veterans who defended our country or the brave men & women of our armed forces today…Christs blood was shed on the cross that we might be freed from the bondage of sin.

william wallace prays in the cell “im so afraid.  give me the strength to die well.”  in the end, dont we all want to die well and hear God say “well done good and faithful servant.”


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