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What Now?

What Now?

The mission trip is over but it can be just the beginning. For us photographers and those doing construction consider the impact this last week has had on your life. For me I was touched by how appreciative everyone was, from smiling faces to tears of joy, it is something I will never forget. The Sunday we were at church a lovely family was visiting for the first time, they had three really cute little girls. I used the small Pogo Printer and gave each girl a picture, they were so happy. All the families we took portraits for were very grateful. But besides just being able to giving them pictures, our photography gave us a way to connect with them.

The guys doing constructions worked really hard during the week, many gave up a week of their personal vacation time and also time with their own families. They came to bless Pastors Americo & Norma and help them further the work of their church and the Zapotec Pastoral Training Center. Norma cried tears of joy as she stood in her kitchen with a new counter, tiled floor and running water. The dorms were also upgraded to have functional showers and toilets with the installation of a large water tank, a water heater, and an electric pump.

Don’t allow yourself to fall back into old patterns and routines. Choose to serve right where you live, rather than expecting to be served. God will continue to bless you as you share your experiences with your friends and encourage them to also go on a short-term mission trip.

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