harnessing the power of photography for good


no, im not talking about pokemon or some new nintendo ds game.  the power is in the polaroid pogo printer

i heard about this printer from david du chemin several years ago.  and after i got 1 and used it…its worth its weight in gold as far as im concerned.  its a powerful little tool to open doors and allow you access into areas that ordinarily might not be.  case in point…

this is raquel. a young zapotecan girl that i met feb 2010 in san baltazar.  she was hangin out as her mom was serving us by helping cook meals for the men that week, and her dad was helping with contruction.  she saw my camera but whenever i tried to get a shot, she would duck into the little adobe and hide.  so i used every ounce of stealthiness i could find to wait and get the above shot.  once i got my shot i took out the pogo and printed out a photo for her.

i gave her the photo and printed another for her as she held the pogo printer.  she seemed happy, but i wasnt sure.  she disappeared for about an hour after this shot and came back with her sister…gesturing to me and showing me the photo.  her sister esperanza wanted a photo too! bam!!  i broke down the invisible wall that was up.  game on!

now almost exactly a year from last year, im back with some other photographers from san diego, armed with the pogo.  when raquel and her cousin erica came to the church where we were the other day in san baltazar, she ran the last 20 feet to me and gave me a big hug.  then proceded to give cyndy and terry a hug as well.  thats the power of pogo.  and the power of Jesus!  we couldnt stop taking photos of her and erica…her sister came a few minutes later.

the pogo hard at work

erica, esperanza & raquel



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