harnessing the power of photography for good

last but not last post from oaxaca…

sitting here in el valle cafe, downtown tlacolula.  tonite is the last nite the team will be together.  its a time to fellowship with those we have been ministering with, both from the states and from mexico.  this will be the 3rd time ive been down in oaxaca with dave and adventures in life…and all 3 mission trips have been different. im learning that theres no “i” in team, but theres a “me.”

me is really tired.  Emotionally & spiritually more than physically.  there are lots of things a brewing in the photo world around me and decisions need to be be made regarding the future of the rock photographers and mission-focused.

God has given us a mission to use the art and gift of photography to help others see Jesus. Whether its taking beautiful photos of Gods creation, in such a way that others must stop, look and say “wow!” or photographing a prayer meeting on top of a mountain on new years day, as the sun breaks over the ridge…we want to boast about Jesus.

Realistically we cant go and preach out front of the local camera store, telling those coming and goin that they must repent…so we are looking to partner with people who love Jesus…churches, missionaries, small groups or big groups. Helping followers of Jesus spread the Good Newsl

thats why we came to oaxaca mexico.

Now that our work here is done for now…its time to recharge, refocus and get ready for the next opportunity to serve. When i get state-side i will add some photos….its late and gotta catch an early flite.


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  1. As always Joe, it was great having you and know that your being there with us was a huge blessing to me and those with whom i serve in Oaxaca…

    Thanks brother…

    February 12, 2011 at 8:58 pm

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