harnessing the power of photography for good

The Dirt Nap…

Brother Joe our Mission-Focused Photo Lead says all the time that there will be time enough for sleep when he takes a dirt nap.  What he means is that serving God is more important to him then getting sleep.  When his life in this world is done it all won’t matter anyway so why spend all of your time sleeping.  Spend all of your time serving taking only the rest that is needed to keep serving.  Now we all need sleep, even Brother Joe, but there are other types of dirt naps that can happen prematurely.

When we had some down time and Matt needed to come off the roof, everyone gathered to see his exit.  Believe me this looks more dramatic than it actually was but it was great fun for the crew to watch and blow off some steam.  We have been working hard the last few days and great relationships have been formed.  Prayer and having a sense of humor are key to keep the fellowship and work for Him moving forward.  Enjoy the photos and understand that no one was hurt in the following photos 🙂

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