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Hermana Cyndy…along the way to Santa Cruz

On Tuesday Joe & I road in the back of a pickup truck (my boys will be jealous, tooo bad!) to Santa Cruz, MX.

Along the way we passed an old church in San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya. It was the first Christian Church in the whole area of Oaxaca, MX. We were told that the Catholic’s in the area were angered by this invasion into there town and they burned the church down with the Pastor in it. Ninety percent of the population in Mexico adheres to a form of Catholicism. Most of the Christian churches here in Oaxaca have less than 50 people and still suffer significant persecution from the general population. Many of the 16 distinct people groups have little access to a complete bible in their native heart language. It has been a blessing to work alongside AIL and the local Pastors to help and encourage some of these Christian Churches here in the Oaxaca area.

Pastor Americo and his wife came from Santa Ana, CA nine years ago to plant a church here in Tlacolula and to build the Zapotec Pastoral Training Center. Pastor Jesus travels down from Ensenada to work with the local Christian’s Churches around Oaxaca. In Santa Cruz we took portraits of people who were meeting at a home for a Bible Study. They have to travel three hours by bus to go to Church on Sunday in a neighboring town of San Baltazar. In the picture Pastors Americo and Jesus are looking at our Mission Focused blog on an iPhone. It is so amazing how technology has made it much easier to connect with friends around the world. Check out our FaceBook page: Mission Focused to see more pictures. Please remember to pray for these dear Christians who have a desire to learn and grow in their faith yet have much to overcome.


One response

  1. Great to read about what you are doing. Praying for all.

    February 10, 2011 at 2:17 pm

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