harnessing the power of photography for good

Family Opens Their Casa to Us

Cyndy Smith on the job…

Yesterday we traveled to San Baltazar in a cab, to take portraits of the people there. When we arrived there was no one at the church yet. We began talking with a family who lives next to the church…

the man was plucking feathers off a dead chicken and the women were making tamales. As we stood outside the woman grab a chicken out of the pen, tied it upside down, slit its throat, put it in boiling water and gave it to the man to clean. Such a different way of life! I told our guide who was with us that I had never seen that before, he ask where we got our chickens to eat. The family then invited us inside to sit down and have a traditional Zapotec corn drink.

We watched the women make tamales and then they let us all give it a try. The tamales here in the Oaxaca area are the best in the world, they use a lot less corn mixture than other places and they have an abundance of flavor.

We had a few families come to the church to have their portraits taken; it will take some time to establish a trusting relationship with these beautiful people. We had a great time with those who did come.

They loved the small photos we printed out, and will come back to the church in a few days to pick up the larger ones we will be printing for them.


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