harnessing the power of photography for good

Wednesday in Oaxaca

We went to San Baltazar to take portraits of kids and families and it was awesome, Hermano Jose’s favorite little girl was there and she is a character. A real sweetheart, she’s the little girl at top of MISSION Focused page you have seen her adorn the opening page.

The village totally old school, a step back in time as most of the indigenous people live in these types of villages.

The Church gate was locked and we hung around near a home next to the Church where they came out and gave us great tamales’, not like American tamales which are mostly two pound s of corn and a sliver of filing. While these tamales were just the opposites, thin corn shells and lots of filling.

We watched the slaying of the chicken and the plucking and the preparation of tamales on or with ancient cooking utensils and the steaming of said tamales in an old pot over an open flame on the ground. They even allowed us to prepare tamale ourselves. It was more than cool.



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