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Oaxaca Day 7

Day seven left me in the deepest contemplation of my week in Oaxaca. I took me back to times in my life when I was faced with the question of how much would I give up for Jesus. Have I counted the cost of discipleship? I think I have but I wonder if that is really true, it is easy and I guess noble to say yes I am.

Remains of 1st Christian church in San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca

Today we passed through a village that’s name is unpronounceable ( sahn he-RO-nee-mo tlah-ko-chah-WAH-yah ) let alone spell able on the way to Santa Cruz, a rustic village that will take you back to the 19th Century. While passing through that town we came upon an old burned out Church and were told that it was the first Christian Church in Oaxaca, the Catholic church burned it down with the Pastor inside.  I thought of stories I heard as a Short-term Missionary about a Chinese Pastor who would preach the gospel, get thrown in prison get released and told not to preach and went promptly back to sharing the Gospel and get thrown back in prison and that was a hard labor prison. I believe he served about 20 years, a year or two at a time.

While in Russia we were told that instant conversions were rare. Back in the day when someone came to the Lord he or she may lose their job, decent housing, their kids denied upper education, maybe prison, or even death…before they decided to follow Jesus they counted the cost and were not uncommitted.

I had a Careers Pastor who continually challenged us to count the cost, take up our cross and follow our Lord. In America there is not much cost for me or rather it is easy to ignore. And I must confess that I am guilty of being a noncommitted or even at times an undercover Christian.  As I looked at that Church and we drove away I thought of a young man in Africa who became a Christian and his Muslim master nailed him to a cross, he was rescued and serves faithfully to this day.

I can name many other modern day martyrs who have counted the cost and were found faithful, and I ask have I counted the cost and am I willing to pay the cost. I hope that when that day comes GOD will be able to say of me well done thou good and faithful servant.


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