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The Lord’s Day in Mexico

This is day six and my second blog… I don’t like writing blogs, no doubt stemming from the fact that I type slowly with two fingers, but I have been told it is a necessity in the computer age…

But I do have a thought to share something that amazes me, something I see often in third world cultures, and that is the amazing worship and commitment to the Lord I see as people come to small buildings with corrugated roofs that are warm, very warm in the sun and noisy in the rain.

Sunday I had the opportunity, no privilege, to attend two services at different Churches.  The first was at La Unica Esperanza and in the evening their sister Church at San Baltazar. Though it is the same Pastor serving each one, Pastor Americo, the two churches could not be more different.

At La Unica Esperanza the worshippers were much more expressive in their worship, by raising their hands in praise or placing one hand over their heart and the other wiping away a tear of love and thanks-giving. It was the type of worship I saw at a Charismatic Catholic Church in Oaxaca. The other Church which I think I can say was one with a more indigenous congregation was more stoic or reserved. That is not to say that the depth of worship and love for the Lord GOD was less, it was not but the expression of love was different. Both left one with a sense of being with a people who loved Jesus and had a sense of adoration for the Lord.

At San Baltazar they worshipped, then the people in the congregation shared testimonies and the guest Pastor preached.  After he preached they took an offering and then Pastor Americo preached. That’s like a Pastor from another state preaching at the Rock and then after the offering Pastor Miles preaching… a double dose.

Before the Pastor preached the children got up and went to Sunday school. The Sunday school was a 8 x 12 block building with one bare light bulb to provide a very dim illumination for the study. But to look at the adults and kids there it was as if they were in the Chrystal Cathedral.

Pastor John Maxwell once said, “It is not what happens to you, it is what happens in you that makes the difference.” And in the hearts of these brothers and sisters GOD reigns supreme. In San Baltazar outwardly they were dirt poor, they had a one room church and across the way they had a very small room for the kids. But in their hearts they were rich in love for our Lord. You could see that it was not their outward experience that impacted their lives but rather it was what GOD did in them that made them the kind of worshipper they are.

It is inspiring and humbling.


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