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Super Bowl Sunday in Tlacolula

cyndy smiths 2nd posting…

Well it was Super Bowl Sunday yesterday but it did not feel like it here in Mexico. We started our day off by packing up and bidding our nice hotel good-by.  Our suitcases were taken by truck to the Church as we caught the public bus. A large majority of Mexicans do not own their own cars and have to rely on some form of public transportation. The buses can get very crowded and many people end up standing.  We arrived in Tlacolula and then walk from the bus station to the church. This is were the AIL team will be working all week on the Zapotec Pastoral Training Center and where we will be photographing the men and the progress of their labor. The Church service was long since I could not understand a word of it, however the worship was great because you don’t need to know Spanish in order to praise God.  I really did not care about the Super Bowl game but would have like to see the commercials, especially since my son had worked on one of the top five Doritos finalist.

Doña Rosa’s

Today I realized that even thought I am with a group of all men I have spent more time walking through markets and shopping than on any other trip I have been on. On Saturday we went to, Doña Rosa’s, the black pottery shop and all bought some nice pieces, the highlight of the day was a demonstration of making the pottery.  In defense of the guys they really are not shopping much, the market is a great place to photograph the local culture. You have to use sly techniques of either a long lens or shooting from the hip.  It was interesting seeing the diversity of people and food. The photos show just a part of the whole picture, there is an intensity of smells and sounds that are missing.

the grand-son of Doña Rosa giving a demonstration


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