harnessing the power of photography for good

rock cancer care photos for 2011 calendar

miracle child…angel martinez

last year i had a conversation with patty, who is part of rock cancer care (www.rockcancercare.org).  she mentioned that they wanted to do a calendar to help support the ministry and raise awareness in the community about the different services they provided.  she thought it was too late for 2011, but i said lets give it a try and see if we can get it done.  the calendars are done, and you can email them about getting yourself a calendar…its not too late plus it goes to a good cause.   info@rockcancercare.org

each month you can read more about each person and how God has been working in their lives.  to God the Glory!

everyone we took photos of is either a cancer survivor or is currently battling cancer.  terry schwartz, lisa ronco, cyndy smith and brotherjoe, thats me…we took photos over a 3 week period at the ferry landing in coronado.  it was a blessing to be part of the calendar.

melinda bennett

yolanda garza

dani gray

alan mora

dennis chocalas

linette oliver

judy mcintyre

leo marquez

david angleton

maria & angel martinez

lynn mclaughlin

jon graves & sons

tiffany and brian

carol aby



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