harnessing the power of photography for good

photo peeps this wed….still life project

this wednesday, jan 19th, 7pm at the rock, in room 353

we learned last fall about the basic functions of the camera…and how to control the camera creatively, inorder to have more fun and create photos that you like.

building upon that foundation, for this wednesday…your task, if you so choose to take on the challenge…

the still life

take some simple objects commonly found in the home, like potatoes, garlic & onions, and create a still life photo composition.  we dont care if it takes you 1000 photos to get a finished photo you like or if you can complete the task in 3 photos.  the object is to think creatively, and take the image in your head and create a photo that matches that image.

please bring (2) two photos to class on wednesday, to share with the class.  the 1st photo should be the 1st photo you took.  the 2nd photo you will share is the last photo you took (the photo you said “aha, im done!”)  and be prepared to share what you did to get from photo #1 to the final photo. its about the photo…but its also about the process and “journey” you took to get to the final photo.  hopefully you will have fun along the way…because photography is fun!

you may be saying to yourself, “what the heck!  i dont know didly squat about photography” let alone anything about life and it being still…but dont worry.  all are welcome, and we are here to help you learn more about photography and the joy you can have as you learn to master the camera.

all are welcome, with or without a camera…come and learn with us


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