harnessing the power of photography for good

last official photo peeps class of the year this wed nite at the rock church so dont miss it or you will be sad…

photo peeps, this wed nite, 7pm, room 352 at the rock.  come and have fun with us!

this will be our last official class, concluding our intro to photography series.  now that weve talked about the basics of the camera and photo composition…we will be talking about photo gear and equipment.

it will be a time to talk about cameras, lenses, flahses, tripods and other fun stuff.  we will be discussing the pros and cons of buying new vs. used equipment.  and whether you should buy locally, like at our friends at nelson photo in little italy, or buy online.  and things you should think about before you buy.

photography is fun!

rules are nice, but not set in stone.  its fun to break the rules every now and then.

but when it comes to buying gear…if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is!  buyer beware!

and just because you spent $5k on a brand new camera and lens package doesnt mean your gonna be the next ansel adams or jim wanglund.  learn to use and master what you got, learn to take photos that you like and are happy with…then no matter what you “upgrade”  to (a new camera) or “downgrade” to (a pinhole camera), you will have more fun!

we will also be sharing photos from our recent outing to balboa park on saturday nite as well.  come and have fun with us this wed nite.

any questions feel free to email us  photoministry@therocksandiego.org

hope to see yall this wed


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