harnessing the power of photography for good


been really busy lately…including a trip up to lake tahoe at the end of this week for a wedding.  i dont get to shoot weddings much these days, not enough time.  but i do enjoy being able to witness and document the beginning of their new lives together. i can never sleep when im on the road, be it jamaica, alpine or lake tahoe…no matter how late i go to sleep im up early.  so ive learned to take the time and be with God.  i got to know isreal houghtons music when he performed in jamaica with miles aheads event in montego bay 2 years ago.

i love this song. check out the words and enjoy.  His Grace is more than enough!  Praise God!

Where would I be
If not for your grace
Carrying me
Through every season
Where would I be
If not for Your grace
You came to my rescue
And I want to thank You
For Your grace

Grace that restores
Grace that redeems
Grace that releases
Me to worship
Grace that repairs
Visions and dreams
Grace that releases


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