harnessing the power of photography for good

lookin back and south to oaxaca

chillin in oaxaca w miss corona

seems so long ago, i hope she doesnt miss me…i never got her name, but she did give he a cowboy hat.  as i look back at this past month since ive been back in san diego, lots has happened…ive looked at tons of photos from oaxaca and i have lots of good memories and some real good lessons ive learned about life, missions, and my own walk with Christ.

some yummy mexican coffee w chocolate

i went to jrhi camp recently.  that certainly was eye opening… honestly, i didnt want to go to camp this year.  although i do look forward every year to going, but this year was different.  not sure if its because of what i saw in oaxaca, or that i wasnt gonna be at camp the whole time…all i know is im glad i went.  on many different levels, it was good and difficult all at the same time.

the memories were still fresh from oaxaca when i went up to camp.  it was a big difference from oaxaca to indian hills.  kids are kids, but at dinner, i heard some of the kids complaining about the food and where they were sleeping.  they werent there more than more than 3 hours.  i dont think i heard any kids in oaxaca complaining about anything.  at least thats what i was told, since my spanish is pretty bad.

kids playing “red light, green light”

at indian hills, the kids had plenty to do, tons of activities…i cant imagine what the kids at indian hills would say if they were to be given a jump rope and a flat soccer ball and were told to go and play.  the kids in oaxaca didnt blink, they made the best of that flat soccer ball and loved it.

i love this photo because it speak volumes about what we really need.  this kid was good too, he was all over the field, and didnt have shoes on.   if you look closely at the photo, theres a pretty big stick right near him, and in the background theres a mound of dirt that the younger kids play in with buckets and shovels.  the kids just rolled on, and didnt let that slow them down.

not to say that the kids in oaxaca are better.  do i think that kids in the states are over stimulated with electronic gadgets and tv and internet…yes.  but the bottom line is the kids in oaxaca and the kids in san diego (usa) both need Jesus.  and no matter where you are, there will be obstacles to the Gospel.  and without Jesus, forget about it.  so what God has been reminding me of is not to get mad at the kid who is complaining that all of his clothes are dirty and he will be at camp for 2 more days, in comparison to the kids in oaxaca- many of them wore the same clothes the whole time…but to show the love of Christ and help them see their need for Jesus.

one benefit to not staying the whole time up at camp was the ability to see the changes in the kids at indian hills.  i left camp monday nite and wasnt back until the baptism on thursday morning. they seemed more serious about worship and by looking at the amount of kids wanting to be baptised, it was a good week.  to see more photos of the camp baptism look HERE

i will certainly be going back to oaxaca.  and perhaps, summer camp with the rock kids… as i think about it, the main reason i love going to camp is i get to see first hand as im documenting it, what God is doing in todays youth, tomorrows leaders, teachers, missionaries to mexico, and it gives me hope.  its always a privilege to be part of what God is doing, and in the case of us photographers, we get to show the rest of the world what God is doing in mexico and in san diego.  i pray that i dont ever get tired of this.  if i do, somebody take me out back and slap me around…praise God!

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