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A Heart Matter…

Well the tourist stuff came to an end and yesterday (July 19th) the real reason for being here has begun; the children and the relationships we build with them that are both horizontal and vertical, the fun stuff.

Not that I didn’t have fun at Chichen Itza

and Dzibil Chalyon, it was awesome to see and photograph such monuments to the Civilizations of the Americas that rivaled Egypt, Greece, Rome, and so many others. As I look at them I think they are dead, remembered only because they are the weathered stone of mans past and fleeting glory, but what really last is what is done for GOD. And the real treasure of Mexico is not the archeological treasure that resides in stone and undisturbed earth, but the treasure that resides in the 52 hearts of each of those children that are here this week; the eternal treasure of a repentant and surrendered heart that our Lord GOD paid such an unimaginable price for.

I started to write this blog about all the fun I am having here and I I think of one little girl, Cesia, who captured my heart, I didn’t do anything but she just loved me, with that innocent love that can only come from the soul of a chil d.

The words I say next are as much or even more for me than anyone else, but my prayer is for the Lords conviction if this applies to any of you who read this.

But after I sat down to write this the Lord blocked out all the fluff stuff that I was going to write, you know the kind that Christians in the U. S. like to hear so they can go to sleep at night happy at not doing anything that makes a difference. Like the songs of praise from happy children, someone being fed or clothed but conveniently forgetting that after that food is gone they go hungry again, that food doesn’t multiply like loaves and fishes. The loaves and fishes are provided by GOD through us.

These children will go home to villages where the struggle is not what to eat for breakfast or dinner, as it is with us, but what am I going to have for breakfast or dinner. Where a father is not worried about such trivial things as where to have a business lunch as we do, but here, it may be can I feed my family today, tomorrow, where do I get medicine for my little ones cough, will he live or die.

Pastor John Maxwell once preached about the Church in the U. S. and how it was full of spiritual porkers, Christians that just sit in the pew and eat, and eat and do nothing the rest of the week and on the following Sunday they are back to chow down on spiritual food, never moving from the pew to do anything and they just grow fat and bloated, good for nothing. (Good for nothing my words).

He spoke about the 20/80 principal, that says 20% of the Church does all the work, all the giving, all the prayer, while 80% do nothing. Lord GOD forbid that any of us should be part of the 80, but many are, well 80%. It would in a Christian environment where Christians had any real concept of what Christ Jesus did for us and the terrible price GOD paid for our redemption and the redemption of the world the 80/20 principal, 80% would minister and 20% would be porkers. But since the Exodus it has been 20/80, just ask Moses.

The American Church has been blessed in every way and the Lord said to whom much has been given much will be required. We have a lot to answer for.

Dave (Miller) told me one of the big things they need are wells in the villages so they can have water for drinking and growing crops, crops that can both feed and provide a living, but nobody has stepped up to help purchase a drill that would change the lives of a whole village. And there are Corporations and people in America who can make this happen

I was also heard in a conversation that many Christians and Churches may not give something until the tribes people became Christians, this is not Biblical. Israel was told not to glean the fields so that the strangers and poor could come and gather food. When Jesus fed the 5,000 He didn’t say only those that believed could eat, no everyone was welcome. Or check out the story of the Good Samaritan. If a person is hungry and you feed him or naked and you cloth him or in prison and you visit him he will be more likely to listen to you and accept the Jesus you are sharing.

I guess the Lord GOD has been saying to me, “Do you love people the same way I love them. Do you shed a tear over the things I shed a tear over? Does your heart break like mine when someone dies without Jesus?” And sadly I must say, “No Lord.”

I sit here as I write this with tears coming often and I choke them back asking myself, “Is this what Jesus died for, so I and my brethren can sit back fat and comfortable in our Churches, and watch the world suffer and die without so much as a twitch.”

Sometimes I wish I had a pulpit to preach from but with what I’d say the Church would be empty.


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  1. Insightful and inspiring Terry! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    July 30, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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