harnessing the power of photography for good


its weird being back stateside.  i think that the transition is harder this time, versus my trip in february, because of the time terry and i spent with the kids at the camp.  we got back friday nite, we had a direct flight from oaxaca this time.  the flight went off without any problems, we actually left oaxaca late, and got into tijuana on time.

lunch is coming…

the camp doesnt have electricity from the city.  all power is from a generator, which means we dont always have power.  when they need electricity for cooking or pumping water from the well or at nite, they turn the generator on.  needless to say, there was no wifi.  i had limited access to internet in february, so i was able to keep in touch with life in san diego…but not this time.  so this added a different dynamic to things that wasnt there in feb.   as hard as youd think it was for us serving from the usa, it was easy in comparison to what life was like for many of the kids.  because in the back of our mind, we knew that we would be going stateside in a few days, to internet, hot showers on demand, roads we can drive on fast without worrying about speed bumps every mile or so…

despite what may look like a hard life to us in the u.s., they still have joy.  they loved the jump-ropes!  most kids today wouldnt know what to do with a jump-rope.

they dont complain that they dont have a nintendo wii, or have to wear the same clothes everyday…they certainly dont wine about the food thats put before them.  many of the kids dont eat much at all, cause they dont have alot.  more on that later…

kids and leaders

it was truly a blessing to be a witness to what God did this past week in zimatlan (oaxaca).  the leaders shared the Love of God in speech and action, the kids learned about God as well good habits to live by, thanks to pastor memo, who happens to be a doctor as well.  and chable’ gave the kids a tour of the rabbit pen, chicken/turkey coop, and the green house where hes growing tomatoes.  to show them they can grow and raise things to help themselves live and not just survive.  to often short term missionaries from the states come to mexico with good intentions to “help and heal” to “show the locals how to do things” then they leave to their homes, cars, closet full of clothes stateside.  it makes me wonder if the money thats spent to come down on short term missions trips would be better spent to support those working full time in the field…do those that go to serve help?  sure.  are they a blessing? sure.  are they blessed?  surely.  are we effective?  sometimes/maybe.

as i look to the future, i definitely want to go back to oaxaca.  it was a blessing to see the kids smile when they were given their portraits with group photo.  they were able to have a photo to remember the week, and i was told that it may be the first photo they have of themselves.  we will be back.  but only if it helps the local church to reach more folks and we arent a hindrance to the Holy Spirit…it was a blessing!

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