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Military Monday: Mendoza Family

Energy. Happiness. Love. These three words summed up my session with the Mendoza family on Monday. They harbored so much affection for one another and joy poured out of their smiles like rivers! Arlette and Jesus looked adoringly at each other as their little ones ran around the field, trusting that they wouldn’t go too far. Sure enough, Sofia and Alex came sprinting back, laughing and rolling around in the grass. This family truly knows how to have fun!

I was happy to join in! I found myself laughing with each click of the shutter and I thanked God for such an enjoyable experience. I love it when families invite me into their world and for just an hour I get a taste of who they are. Sofia was sweet and giggly, Alex was a clown and goofy, and Arlette and Jesus still share that puppy love for each other. They were a beautiful family.

I pray that God continues to bless the Mendoza family… that the sun always shines this strong in their lives and in their hearts. Thank you Lord for Jesus who serves our country and for Arlette, Alex and Sofia who sacrifice him being away.



IMG_0039 copy

IMG_0076 copy




IMG_0055 copy










A special thanks to Trevor Stolebarger and Lisa Ronco for helping out with this shoot. It’s always a pleasure!

One response

  1. Ana

    Thank you for capturing the love that this family has for one another. I am fortunate to consider myself their friend and,as such, a privilege to be a witness of this love. May God bless the Mendoza family

    July 26, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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