harnessing the power of photography for good

kickin it in the countryside of zimatlan

terry getting some exercise

terry and i got into zimatlan, outside of oaxaca on monday morning.  theres a farm that has dorms that pastor chable’ has been using for camps for kids.  he is also growing corn, raising rabbits, chickens and turkeys for food.  there are 51 kids from all over the area.  some with church backgrounds, others with none, and a few in the middle.  its a chance for adventures in life to love on them and share the Good News.  today, tuesday, terry and i took pics of the kids and later they will be doing crafts projects to make frames for the photos we took and printed out for them.  for some this may be the first time they have had a photo taken of themselves that they can take with them.  wednesday we will be going to san baltazar to do family photos.

please continue to pray that God would keep us healthy, and the gear working without any hic-ups.  and that those sharing the Gospel, would be Spirit filled as they share about Jesus.

group photo of leaders and kids

pastor chable’ with his family, with dave hiding in back

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