harnessing the power of photography for good

let the fun begin…

its sunday nite, 1037pm oaxacan local time and i finally had a chance to get online.  theyve been having issues with their wifi here at casa arnel.  this is the same place i stayed a few days in back in february of this year.  so the few time ive had time to do stuff online, the wifi wasnt working or on or something like that.  no worries.  the wifi aint that fast either, that hasnt changed so loading lots of pics will continue to be an issue…

friday afternoon, getting ready to dance…

text ya back later….gotta go dance.   friday afternoon in zocalo

friday afternoon in the zocalo

dave, chillin in front of santo domingo

santo domingo: taken with diana 20mm lens on the canon 5d

more fun w diana lens.

we got to oaxaca fine.  met up with dave, nori and becca.  took lots of fun photos on friday.  saturday they had a concert in the zocalo, to celebrate the election of the governor of oaxaca.  they had tatiana,  i guess shes mexicos answer to hana monana.  the crowd was full of parents of girl tweeners waving wands, i think thats part of her schtick.  that was in morning.

this is tatiana

in the middle of saturdays parade

dancing in the streets

later in the day, they had a huge parade through town, showcasing all the different cultures of oaxaca.  each area was represented by dancers and music.  we had a front row seat, and once the parade finally started, terry and i jumped into the street to shoot it.  nobody said anything to us, so why not.  i almost go clobbered by some spinning dude with i huge head-dress.  i think ike has video of it, if i can get it i will show it.

im not sure what kind of access i will have to internet this week, so i will post when i get a chance….

monday the fun begins!  please keep terry and i in prayers.

2 responses

  1. Mark

    Looks like fub Bro. Joe! Super colorful! Bravo!

    July 19, 2010 at 1:50 pm

  2. Love the movement of their skirts 🙂

    July 19, 2010 at 11:49 pm

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