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Blessed couple…Blessed marriage

I love LOVE. Sometimes I think God created me to be over-emotional for a reason and sometimes I think He challenges me to overcome the obstacles that stem from being too emotional…but there is one place that emotions are permitted to run rampant- a wedding. In fact, it’s encouraged! Needless to say, I feel comfortable there.

It’s at weddings that I can be me. When I shoot them I have to constantly remind myself that I’m there to work and that I wasn’t invited as a guest! But it’s so hard to separate myself from their dream, their journey, and their love story, especially when their love… is rooted in Christ.

Knock, Knock, Knock! TJ Sinsay gently pounded on the door to Leslie’s apartment where the girls were getting ready. Surprisingly, I was able to meet him there at 7:30am… which in my world doesn’t exist because I haven’t seen the morning dew or smelt the scent of a new day for as long as I can remember. But I’m glad I did. Thank you TJ for allowing me to co-shoot this wedding with you! It was a blast!





One by one, her eager bridesmaids scurried into her apartment to prepare themselves for the big day. I recognized some of them from The Rock and found comfort in their familiar faces. But nothing soothed my nerves more than their conversation. If only I got a nickel for every time I heard the Lord’s name while I was there! These girls were incredible. They truly love Leslie and you could tell that they wholeheartedly supported her commitment and  new chapter in life! My favorite part of the entire day was when the girls prayed for Leslie right before she walked down the aisle. Not only did the prayer leave no dry eye in the house… but it also spoke to me and how I want my future wedding to be. Lord, please send me more women like these. Women that can surround me on my wedding day, shower me with Your love and pray for my everlasting marriage…

getting dressed




Leslie was radiant. She glowed with anticipation for the moment when the double doors opened to reveal her soon-to-be hubby, Ace, waiting at the altar. All morning, she spoke of him, smiling as she shared the blessings that God has bestowed upon their relationship and how thankful she was that He provided everything they needed during their wedding planning. It was wonderful to see God’s fingerprints on her heart and on their wedding day. It made me excited to meet her lucky groom too!



I met Ace when we convinced him to do some portraits with the bridesmaids, but I didn’t get a full grasp on WHO HE WAS until the toasts were given after dinner. One after the other, someone stood to proclaim the impact that Ace had had on their lives. They boasted that they were extremely proud, that they were amazed at his Godliness, that they were inspired and encouraged by him and that they grew deeper in their faith just by knowing him. As I stood along the wall, listening to these praises, I was fascinated that at 20-years-old, Ace really had it together.

The rest of the day was just as beautiful as the beginning. I was blessed by the whole experience. I love that God can shine through a couple like this. I love that God’s gift of marriage is a metaphor for our relationship with Him. I think all weddings should be like theirs…effortlessly glorifying God by the mere act of loving each other the way that Christ loves us! Congratulations to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. McClaron!!



first dance

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  1. Mark

    Most superb pictures! Just beautiful!

    July 19, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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