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how do you pronounce that? Dzibilchaltun…of course

taking a stroll in coast city of progresso

We went to check out some other archeological ruins today, but not after having some issues with where we chose to eat breakfast. We jumped on a bus from merida to progresso, which is on the north coast of the yucatan. We were told we could catch a bus from progresso to dzibilchaltun. We wandered into the market looking for something good to eat…we failed. Well 3 of us did. We ended up at a place that had carnitas tacos and a drink for 25 pesos. Good deal we thought. Terry got shrimp tacos, cost a bit more but he was the only one who liked what he got. The carnitas were horrible.

market vendor in progresso

beach and pier at progresso

Anyway, we strolled down to the beach, no waves and no crowds. Its a beautiful beach with a pier that goes several miles out. I guess the area is too shallow for the cruise ships, so they built this monster pier to bring the turistas into town.

nori snoozing on way to dzibilchaltun

Its getting warm and we get on a van to take us to dzibilchaltun ruins. Nori was zonked out, dont know if it was the carnitas or just tired. Once we get there, they tell terry and i we cant bring our cameras into the ruins, cause theyre professional cameras. Dzibilchaltun is up there on the list of ruins you want to visit while in the yucatan, by by no means up to par with chichen itza. Where we went the day before and brought our gear and bags in without a hitch. But the head muchacho there decided to go by the letter of the law, and wasnt gonna let us bring ANY camera in. After talking with him and getting attacked by bugs, flies and mosquitos, he relented and allowed us to bring 1 camera in. He didnt care that we brought all our gear into chichen itza, he said theyre different.

they may give you a hard time with the camera, but you can still climb the ruins!  terry looking small

this was a catholic church built by the spaniards on the land.

Once we got in, it was roasting! Hot and humid. I managed to smuggle in an extra lens. The place is nice, not nearly as crowded as the day before, but definitely smaller in scale. They did have a cenote’ there…if i had more time i would have jumped in!  The water looked great.  Overall, worth visiting again, but make sure you sneak the gear in and have time to enjoy the water!


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  1. Beautiful Brother Joe!! Glad you and Terry are doing well 🙂

    July 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm

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