harnessing the power of photography for good

day 1: merida mexico

tj airport

tijuana airport

terry and i jumped on a bus from dtown san diego.  jimmy dropped us off, thanks again!  everything was fine, we had lots of time to chill…our flight left at 145 am.  we flew into mexico city airport, we arrived around 9am local time (2 hour diff) and found out our flight departure was later…again more time.  so i wandered around the airport shooting more pics.  i got harassed once, but by then i was bored of the whole “hole” motif in the airport.  we arrived in merida in the afternoon, and once we got settled in to the place were staying, we set off to explore the city of merida.  we visited merida cathedral, my 2nd in mexico (1st in oaxaca).   it wasnt as elaborate as the cathedral in oaxaca, more understated.

mexico city airport

mexico city airport

mex city airport

cathedral in merida

Merida Cathedral

inside cathedral

cathedral at sunset

these guys were everywhere, ready to take someone on a romantic carriage ride

we were walking back to our hotel when we walked by this store.  terry waved at the little girl as he walked by…i was behind him, and as he walked on she came out to see, he was gone and i got this cute pic…thanks terry for setting me up.


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