harnessing the power of photography for good

goin backa to oaxaca

back in february i went down to oaxaca mexico with adventures in life ministries (AIL), to see what God was doing there and to see if we might be able to partner with AIL as they ministered in oaxaca.  what came of that visit was the idea of taking family portraits, like what we do on military mondays, for families in oaxaca.

the state of oaxaca is the poorest in mexico.  so family portraits isnt something they think about and if they did, they couldnt afford it.  plus, its not like theres a mall where they can go to olan mills or sears portraits to get family pics done.  not having pics of the family and kids is strange to us, with everyone and their dog having a camera phone and point n shoot digital camera.  but its a luxury item for folks in oaxaca…so they dont think about it.

4 generations, 3 represented in this photo.  great grand-daughter, grand-daughter, great grand mother

terry and i will be on a mission from God.  no, theres no orphanage to save, but we will be taking family portraits.  the local church will invite families to come for free portraits and we will be printing photos onsite.  using the gift of photography to meet more of their neighbors, invite them to church, and share the love of Christ.  this is what we are all about!  this is the goal mission focused.

we want to use photography as a tool to spread the Good News of Christ.  a tool for others to use to reach more folks and a tool to share with the world what God is doing…in this case, in oaxaca.


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