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Do-ing Something in Manti, Utah


Well it was that time of year again, when Mormons from all over Utah and surrounding states travel to Manti, Utah to view a reenactment of Joseph Smith’s first vision and Book of Mormon account of ancient America. This production is performed on the lawn of the Manti Temple and is produced by the local Mormon Church. It runs Tuesday thru Saturday evening starting around 9:30 P.M. each night.

Each evening, several hours prior to the start of the pageant performance, about 100 Christians from various church groups throughout the United States hand out tracts, sing, pray, and share their faith with Mormons as they linger on the streets before going to the pageant. There are about 8,000 to 15,000 Mormons that attend the pageant each night; most of them are teenagers and young adults. This is an awesome trip for Christians to share their faith with Mormons, whether it is one on one or in group settings. We must remember there are spiritual forces in Manti that don’t want Christians to be there; this is a spiritual battle!

There are about 8,000 to 10,000 Mormons that attend the pageant each night; most of them are teenagers and young adults.

This year we had five of us going the Manti, two from the Rock and two from the Movement Church in San Marcos, and one from Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church.

All of us had divine appointments for sure! We prayed for Mormons or even a Wicken in my case. On Friday night my friend Keith Walker from Texas and I talked with a Mormon family for over two and a half hours! It was so cool, asking questions about the Trinity, salvation etc. We were able to clarify the differences between LDS theology and Christian theology.

We were putting stones in their shoes you might say, thus to cause them to remember our conversations and think about the True Gospel of Jesus. I had one kid I talked to for over an hour; it was so great to share the hope that we have a Christians, that we HAVE eternal life NOW!  Unlike Mormons which have no assurance at all of their eternal destiny.

There were a least three Mormons who put their trust in the REAL Jesus! If you ever want to share your faith to Mormons this is the place to go! It is such a blessing to be a part of having the honor to share the gospel! Here are a few shots along the way!

CTR Jesus! Mark-E-Mark


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