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Del Mar Fair Shenanigans

Yesterday, the team and I went to the Del Mar Fair to just relax, fellowship and do what we love to do, take pictures! I also brought along my friend, Danielle, to teach her a little bit about photography and she did a great job and learned really quickly! The day went so smoothly, starting with Mike’s awesome work benefits which included free parking right in front of the gate, free admission and great box seats at the Lonestar concert. It was such a blessing to have him there! Plus, he carried my bag around when my shoulders started to hurt! You should have seen his relief when he realized it was a masculine camera bag and not a frilly pink purse.

But the boys weren’t getting off THAT easily… as soon as we got into the fair, I dragged them to the Home and Garden building to take pictures of flowers. Brother Joe headed for the massage chairs, but I ended up getting some shots of award winning foliage!






After the concert, we headed out to take pictures of the lights in fun zone. As Danielle said, “it’s so fun because you never know what you’re going to get!” I definitely agree. I think it’s like Christmas morning and each click of the shutter is Santa Clause in my chimney. Full of surprises, some worked and some didn’t. Here are a few that did…




As we left the fair, exhausted but satisfied. I couldn’t help but thank God for the team and for these opportunities to spend time together. I missed the people that couldn’t make it but I know that we will shoot together in the future and I look forward to that day!!

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