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Wednesday Photo Class: Fireworks

Tonight was the first night in a long time that I’ve been able to go to the Wednesday night photo class that the team puts on. A year ago, I was a student of this class with a newly purchased DSLR with no idea about how to attempt digital photography. Though I was trained in film and darkroom, I thought the digital realm was so intimidating and the cameras had too many menus and too many buttons. I still have yet to master the machine but I’m so blessed that there are classes like these that are not only FREE but very informative.

I remember being so frustrated last year on the fourth of July when I tried to photograph the fireworks display at Huntington Beach. The number of successful shots I got? Zero. So this time, as everyone was quietly and studiously adjusting their settings with each frame, I was shrieking in excitement because I actually got a shot that worked! I don’t think I would have ever accomplished this without the help of Brother Joe and Jim tonight. Thanks guys!


Sometimes I get so locked on one thing and forget to do something as simple as LOOK AROUND. Lisa was sharing her shots with me and I loved one of them because there were so many reflections on the water. When she told me it was the other side of the bay, I thought “duh…” but that is just a reminder that we’re always a step or a turn away from a better image. Don’t forget to look up, or down, or all around…


This was one of my favorite images of the night because I think the clouds form the shape of a bird. I would like to think it’s a dove… and my good friend The Holy Spirit. 🙂

“The Heaven was opened. And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove…” Luke 3:21-22


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