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DOing SOMETHING at local SDFD Stations

On Saturday June the 19th the Rock DO SOMETHING campaign went to 9 Fire Stations & 1 life guard station.  while 1825 and high school & jr highers cleaned up Skyline Park.  I was Blessed to travel to 5 Fire Stations, each Station needed different projects done. I started my day at Station 17 which is called the HUB. It is the busiest station in the country it covers the Talmadge area.
Here is the group that handled this project.
IMG_8578 1
this room is the main room where the Fire Fighters watch tv.  Before…
IMG_8587 1
IMG_8765 1
Then I made my way up to Station 34 in the San Carlos area.
IMG_8603 1
here are all the helpers that came out to pull weeds paint all the rooms.
IMG_8650 1
painting the PINK walls… yes the guys sleeping rooms were pink…
IMG_8610 1
IMG_8613 1
my next stop was in Bay Park, at Station 25.
IMG_8675 1
pulling more weeds.
IMG_8681 1
now its off to La Jolla, Station 16 near Mount Soledad
IMG_8687 1
IMG_8714 1
group picture at Station 16
IMG_8702 1
my last stop was in Mira Mesa, Station 38.
IMG_8739 1
IMG_8731 1
IMG_8734 1
what a great day this was and all the Fire Fighters came up to me and said “thank the church staff and all the helpers for all they do.”  🙂


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