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free photo class: darth vader would shoot in the dark

we talked about shooting with your eyes closed last week.  which was all about understanding your camera and knowing your camera well enough that you could change functions and settings with your eyes closed.  well maybe…but at least you could change settings without taking your eye away from the viewfinder.  its not something you learn from the force, although darth might disagree with us…but with practice, it will ensure that you dont miss The Shot because your fiddling with your camera.

shooting darkness in the dark

sometimes, even when your eyes are open, you might find yourself in the dark…or in the case of the pic above, shooting darkness in the dark.

come to our class this wednesday nite as we talk about shooting in the dark, with or without your eyes open.  bring your camera as we will be practicing some tricks we will be teaching you.  card tricks, slight of hand, sawing a camera in 2…fun tricks.

all are welcome, with or without a camera.  june 9th, 7pm at the rock.  3rd floor in the jrhi room.  all are welcome, even those on the dark side. ( please leave lightsaber at home)

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