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IMPACT 195 concert with Natalie Grant w/ guests Britt Nicole & Phil Stacey

Friday night Malia, Jim, Myself, were sent to cover the Imapct 195 Concert. This was a great night with a lot of great music here are a few pics.
this pic was in the VIP area with the artists, where you could ask them questions.
IMG_7566 smaller size
Phil Stacy on stage
IMG_7646 smaller size
Britt Nicole on stage.
IMG_7687 small size
IMG_7800 smaller size
IMG_7847 smaller size
Natalie Grant
IMG_7890 smaller size
IMG_8013 smaller size
I think from the pictures above you can tell who my Favorite one was to shoot last night.

One response

  1. Malia Dadez

    She was my favorite to shoot too because she was so animated!! An excellent entertainer! Nice shots!

    May 22, 2010 at 12:33 am

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