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My 1st Military Monday

I actually went to the church on Monday to shoot the Prayer Week event but when Trevor reminded me that it was Military Monday, I went early to see what they do. When I got there, I noticed they didn’t have any studio lighting set up so they had to settle for speedlights. Unfortunately, this posed a pretty heavy white balance problem and they ended up shooting mostly in black and white. It’s beautiful to see that even through these challenges, patience and grace prevails beyond the circumstances. The family was still excited to see what images Trevor and Jim were able to capture and they loved the black and white. This goes to show that even though things don’t work out as planned, God always makes a way and can turn a negative situation into something glorious.

This is Ava. She was a little firecracker as most two-year-olds are! Unlike her little brother, Logan, getting her to smile was a little tricky. I managed to get this shot of her while the guys were shooting her parents and Logan. One reason I love shooting in RAW is because this image out of camera was as neon yellow as you could imagine. But Camera Raw 2 fixed it with just a touch of button!

I can’t wait to free up my mondays and continue to serve and bless the military community with these free family portraits. It’s great doing more and more with our gifts to build His kingdom and bring joy in the hearts of these families! Great job to my fellow Rock Photographers!


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