harnessing the power of photography for good

church: cayman island style

i had fun on sunday… went to church with michelle and karen, w deaf ministry, to first baptist church of cayman.  having been in jamaica 2 years ago, driving on left side of the road is not new to me.  but we were always in vans or buses, not small suvs.  so when i jumped in the small suv of our gracious hosts, william and judy mctaggert, it was strangely fun.  my first reaction was, where is the steering wheel?!  like i said, fun.  william drove us to church, where we met up with judy, who was helping in the preschool area…where i got this pic of a cute little gal willing to share with me

being a baptist church, they sang some hymns, with a modern twist to them.  i miss the hymns.  they had the men singing in honor of mothers day, i think, they sounded great.  i got to wander around and shoot some pics, and just like you see in many churches around the globe, kids are gonna goof off from time-to-time…no worries, its good to see them in church.

michelle got a chance to interpret on sunday as well.  michelle and karen are helping some of the churches in cayman develop programs and ministries to reach and minister to the deaf community.

i shared this pic earlier.  i found out that this is the pastors son.  which made me like this pic all the more.  he probably is used to and comfortable being at church, so crashing on the pew is not big deal.  he is in God’s House, no safer place to be.

for me, what made this Lord’s Day extra special was the hospitality of william & judy.  william went and picked lisa up from the hotel so she could join us for lunch.  we got to meet their dogs (cola, sprite & oreo), 2 of their sons (william henry III & matthew) and judys sister and parents, who came over for mothers day.  they were celebrating mothers day with a delicious bbq of steak and chicken, awesome baked beans, kola champagne, and dessert….pineapple upside down cake and chocolate brownies with ice cream.  yes!  it was great getting to know them.  william is a 4th generation caymanian, their sons are the 5th generation.   its really cool to hear not only were 5 generations of his family from cayman, but more importantly, 5th generation followers of Christ.  if i remember correctly, williams first ancestors came to the cayman islands from jamaica to be pastor(if i remember correctly).  anyway…

we had so much fun eating and fellow-shipping,  by the time we got back to the hotel, it was past 4pm, and dinner was an hour away!  no way, no room! what a blessing sunday was.


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