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The same GOD, the same Spirit, different cultures, the same heart of worship.

It never ceases to amaze me at the heart of worship world wide, whether it is in Spanish, Russian or any language/culture that I have been exposed to, the praise and worship touches the heart and spirit in a way that mere human songs are not able to. But mix worship with any language or culture and the presence of the Lord shines through causing your heart and spirit to soar to heights of ecstasy unimaginable to the spiritually deprived.  This was encapsulated by watching one Cayman sister with her hands folded in as in prayer and her voice lifted in praise.

As I watched her I thought back to an afternoon in Ukraine. I had just flew into Kiev and needed to go to the embassy  before going to another city. The embassy was closed until the next morning and I walk away somewhat concerned. Most hotels were $150 or more per night and my money was short, I saw what looked like a hotel and prayed as I crossed the street. It was not a hotel and having never been in that city I was at a loss as where to go, but I continued to pray as I approached a taxi parked at the side of the road. I asked him in limited and broken Russian if he knew of an inexpensive hotel. I sat in his cab and seeing a fish I asked him if he was a Christian, he smiled and said yes and he asked me if I knew Pastor John Maxwell. I said wow, he was my former Pastor before I went on short term Missions in Russia.

He showed me a book in Russian written by John Maxwell and he said Pastor Maxwell had just spoken at his church. He took me to a hotel that was a hole in the ground, and he then asked me to stay at his home and the next day he took me everywhere I needed or wanted to go.

Then as I thanked GOD the Lord asked me why was I surprised when He answered my prayer, and I replied in repentance that I should not have been surprised but expectant of a miracle.

As I watched this sister in worship and thought of this I smiled and though no matter where I go in the world God is there and His people desire to serve him and minister to the saints.

This morning at the Agape Church was a blessing as I was able to experience the heart of worship and an added bonus was the children singing to the moms in the congregation on this happy Mothers Day.

Terry Schwartz


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