harnessing the power of photography for good

touchdown in the caymans…

driveby jim was nice enough to wake up early in the am, to get terry and i to the airport. 4am!  yeesh!!  we didnt have wheels up till a bit past 7am, but oh well….

cruising at 35000 feet somewhere over the gulf heading to grand cayman!

touchdown cayman!  the runway at owen roberts international airport is pretty short.  inorder to not put the plane into the water at the end of the runway, the pilot is on the brakes as soon as the tires hit the tarmac!  its a bit of a jolt of a stop!  bam!  i reckon thats better than having to jump out of the exits into floating rafts…

mark, ready for his close-up.  volunteers happy to be in the cayman islands, and enjoying a refreshing strawberry smoothie, compliments of the marriott

sunset over 7 mile beach, beach side in front of the grand cayman marriott.  our home for the next 8 days.

josh kirby, showing off their newest tool to help minister to the kids in the cayman islands.  this time around, they didnt bring any doctors.  only nurses and PA’s (physician assistants).  in an effort to reach and minister to more children long term,

they created a workbook to teach kids about Jesus, and about good habits to stay healthy and fit…josh told me they will do the general health clinics still, but with this new tool is gonna continue to reach kids long after we are all gone.   im excited to see what God is gonna do with this.

im tired, and excited…looking forward to church with the locals on sunday, and to what God is gonna do this week.  praise God!

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