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weak tea vs strong coffee

ive never been to fond of tea as a hot drink, especially as an alternative to coffee.  i love sweet tea.  and i do enjoy hot tea with hot rice and broccoli beef, with some dumplings on the side or with sushi.   but give me a strong cup of espresso or some good coffee (w milk please) and i will be just fine.

i was at an event this past week shooting pics of pastor miles.  its always fun with pastor miles, and its always fun to see a crowd react to him and his humor.  whats nice for me is that i get to hear a different side of pastor miles.  he is undoubtedly a gifted communicator and evangelist, but he can also challenge & encourage leaders in ways they not even realize.as he was speaking, he started talking about tea.  as folks who follow Christ and call ourselves christians, we are like tea bags.  we learn, read, go to Bible studies,  and fill ourselves up with “christian” teaching…but he said that in itself isnt a sign of maturity, its a sign of knowledge.

as christians, we are like a tea bag out of the package,  you dont know what your gonna get until you put it in some hot water.  thats when you know you have plain tea or some fancy shmancy high falootin tea.  as pastor miles was sharing about being a “do something” church, if we dont know the gifts and talents that God has given each of us, than we wont know where God can use us best.   knowledge is good, but until we put action to what we know, than it helps nobody.   and like that tea bag, when christians get in “hot water” thats when we know what were made of.

dont be weak tea!  be strong coffee!


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