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It’s the night before I leave for wilderness and I have 13 minutes before I would like to get to bed!  My alarm will be sing songing away at 4am and we have to be at our meeting point by 6am.  Wilderness is code for: 5 days, Catalina Island, backpacking, hiking, camping and contraband (no razors, makeup, deodorant, phones, clocks, nuthin’!)  Needless to say and most of you know first hand, that I’m not exactly the poster child for “Man vs. Wild” although Bear has quite the accent…

We went around during wilderness prep yesterday and said our name and one word to describe how we are feeling about going on this trip and mine was apprehensive.  I’ve a ton of prayers over the past day and feeling a little better, but truthfully I’m still a bit scared of what this next week will bring.  There have been so many people that I know that have done this trip before and while most of them are jealous that I get to go I just think they are plain crazy!

At the root of it, I’m scared of the physical part, but really I know how much God is going to use this to bring deep healing to scars that have been there for so long.  I don’t think it’s something you are ever really ready for, so I’ll be as ready as I possibly can be.  If you are reading this post, please pray for the following things:

  • Physical health and protection for our group.  We have a few aliments going into this week, so that the Lord would pour out His supernatural strength on us all.
  • Spiritual breakthrough and healing.
  • Unity for my wilderness group, that we would truly become family and learn what the true meaning of love is through our 1 John teaching throughout this week.

I’m sure there is so much more that I could write about, especially about the Rock staff retreat that I just got back from and the awesome things the Lord has already taught me and worked on my heart with, but that will have to be written about when I get back.

Love you all and will update when I get back in a week, Lord willing as a changed woman!

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” {Jeremiah 33:3}


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