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Rock Baptism @ The Plunge

Baptisms are my favorite event to cover for Christ.  Seeing people make their first public declaration is exciting and makes me feel like I did when I was first baptised.  Not that my fire for Him has ever dimmed, but it moves me in a way to do more in my life after seeing those that are new to Him.  That look that you see in their eyes that everything is new is often seen in children but you can see it in adults as well during an event in their lives such as this one moment when they are reborn.

Not everyone is called to baptism though and it is not a requirement.  I witnessed a situation this evening that didn’t surprise me but did remind me that baptism is a calling not just a date in passing.  Growing up as a Catholic, you are generally baptised as a very young child.  I was but I don’t remember because I was only a few weeks old.  Obviously too young to even know what decision was being made for me.  Now there isn’t a specific passage that I can quote that explains the age of consent but I do know that it is different for everyone.  Baptism is not a requirement but when in our country it is so easy to declare that He is my savior, why would you not do it.  There are places in this world that baptism would result in you being hunted down and destroyed for proclaiming your belief in Jesus Christ.  Today I celebrate those that declared their faith and new path in life.  This is your new birthday and I am sure God is smiling at His children of all ages that have come home.  Happy Birthday!!!


Jim Wanglund

Rock Photographer


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