harnessing the power of photography for good

Baptism at The Plunge

Yes, that’s me! There I was, excited to declare my faith to my family and friends while trying to hide how starstruck I was to be baptized by Pastor Miles himself. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been to The Plunge and this time, I’m on the other side of the lens. It took me a while to dig up this picture because I wasn’t sure where it could have been. I mean, it had almost a decade to get lost into oblivion. But I was ecstatic to find it nestled in a box under my bed. I hope that one day, someone that got baptized today will find an image that one of the Rock Photographers took and be ecstatic. Ecstatic that we were there. Ecstatic that we caught the moment. Ecstatic that they still had the image, that second in time that they can never get back but it’s saved with one click of the shutter. That’s why we do what we do.

Unfortunately, it slipped my mind to set my camera to continuous drive, but I did manage to capture one man’s whole baptism experience. It’s amazing how much transformation takes place in this one metaphorical act of worship. I remember overhearing one of the pastor’s say, “this water isn’t magical”, and though he is right, it sure felt magical to me! Like the blood of Christ, the water symbolizes the cleansing and renewal of your spirit. When you rise up out of the water, you are no longer the same.




My friend Wilmar Calaguas started a ministry called Leading Lives to Christ that aims to spread the Good News and develop strong and passionate believers through a network of inter-denominational small groups. Tonight, some of the men in this ministry came together to support one another as some of their members were baptized. These men were clearly elated to see the spiritual maturity develop amongst their brothers!

men pray

I’ve shot two baptisms and one thing I’ve noticed at both of them is that the 1825 Ministry at The Rock fosters such a solid sense of community and lifelong fellowship. If you’re in 1825 and you get baptized, be prepared to have a circle of friends surround you when you do! I feel so proud of my fellow 1825’ers when I see this. I think it sums up the purpose of why we meet up every week. It’s not just to make friends, but to have those brothers and sisters in Christ to be there when we take steps in our walk. We aren’t supposed to do it alone. We aren’t supposed to carry our burdens alone and we should always have each other in moments like these to celebrate God’s greatness! Here, Jr Ugalde gets prayed for by all those who love him and afterwards they splashed like crazy because they could, God’s love is ridiculous.



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