harnessing the power of photography for good

hot lights are great for keeping food warm

last monday we took a break from shooting military families and opened up our time for shooters to come and practice shooting under the lights in a “studio” setting.  the lights are constant, borrowed from production.  not the most ideal for photography, but they were free.  plus, part of the fun of photography is learning to shoot in conditions less than ideal, because much of the time, we have no choice.  kind of like what God said to Job,

Job 38:19  Where does light come from, and where does darkness go?

as photographers it would be great to be able to control the sun and moon, to get the most ideal light for each shoot, but we cant.  thats what monday was all about.  having fun while shooting…pluse it was nice to have some folks come and let us take pics of them.

id like to thank hayden for blessing us with his skills and not charging us his normal rate to pose for us.   the lamb sisters for being so much fun to shoot, and victoria and nicole, for blessings us as well.

most of the pics i took were using an old projector hooked up to my computer.  we projected different pics of textures on a screen.  what i didnt see was the images we used had a fine grid texture to it, and wasnt noticeable in camera…oh well, made the pics look more moody and dramatic.

lisa took this last photo below of hayden

hayden relaxing, his work was done


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