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Impact Blogger Nicole Adres

IMPACT 195 is an incredible, nine-month discipleship experience…

IMPACT 195 will help you go deeper with God, become rock solid in your faith, start living with God-given purpose, and get empowered to do something that will impact the world for eternity!

nicole just started impact 195 and has graciously accepted our invitation to share what God is teaching her through  impact 195 with us all… you can learn more about nicole by going to her BLOG

{Weeds} by Nicole Adres

Today (3.31.2010)we had our first “work out faith Wednesday.”  Pretty much a nice way of saying, “IMPACT, you are pulling weeds!”  Before we could get too excited we were reminded about what it really means to serve those around us, that Jesus was the true image of what a servant is and ultimately what we should strive to become.

“Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” {Matthew 20:26-28}

As we dispersed into groups some of us headed out to Liberty Station park, which used to be the Naval Training Center (NTC) in Point Loma (a beautiful area on a peninsula of San Diego).  We met the city parks workers, were debriefed, showed where the “comfort stations” aka restrooms were, passed out tools and were on our way.  I was especially excited about my florescent yellow jacket and tool… half hoe, half claw =)

nicole, armed and dangerous…

We began chatting and working away, busy as bees and then spiritual truths started flying around!  Things like, not being able to tell the good plants from the weeds, having help from someone else pointing out which were really the good plants and which were disguising themselves as good plants.  One of my Rock co-workers, Gary, started noticing that the weed roots grow towards the healthy plants and flowers.  It was striking to think that as the weeds grow towards the good, it can be the same with our walk with the Lord, only it’s not plants… it’s sin.

It really hit my heart how easy it is to think that I am the “good plant,” but really, how deep are my roots when it comes to the hidden things and sins in my heart?  As I began to ponder this more and more, I realized that our artificial Christianity can sometimes be disguised as real and we can get so good at playing the game that we look so much like a flower, yet our root is a weed.  Just as I needed my “weed partner” to help point out the weeds I overlooked, so we as Christians need a community to hold us accountable to stay on the right path, God’s path.  What better way for the devil to steal our intimate relationship with God if we are tricked into thinking we are the image of that flower, but only have roots as deep as a weed.

Don’t allow the weeds to overtake your life… as beautiful as a garden is, when one weed sprouts up it infests the beauty and purity that was once there.  It takes much more effort to weed out the bad.  As I was hacking away at a weed, growing very close to beautiful flowers, in the process I cut off one of the flowers to get at the root of the weed.  Don’t let your good spiritual fruit be lost when the gardener of life needs to uproot your weeds!

to see more pics of nicole and her impact 195 class-mates in action, please go HERE

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