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Silent Ride 4 Jesus…

Well my third anniversary with the Rock Photographers has come and gone with our annual Silent Ride 4 Jesus.  I was still new to the Rock and was going through XBI when I  first rode with the Mountain Bike Ministry (MTB).  At the time I was preparing for the Jamaica Mission trip and was working with Kevin Loomis on the Flankers School project.  Kevin invited me along for the ride and I offered to shoot it for the Rock MTB website.  After the ride I bumped into Brother Joe leader of our merry band of Rock Photogs and the rest is history.  Finding God’s talent inside is something that I longed for and I am thankful that He has put me in such good company which I call family.

I can’t end this little blog entry though without a shout out to Zack Jones.  Thanks for coming out and riding with us and a great devotional.  If anyone is curious about the history of the Silent Ride 4 Jesus take a look at my past posts.  May God bless you and I sincerely hope that you have found your God-given talent to make the short trip through this world closer to Him.

I guess those that can jump, can also ride, and preach!!!  🙂   Pastor Zack Jones is a man of many talents for Him!


Jim Wanglund

Rock Photographer

you can see more pics from the Silent Ride HERE

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