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San Juan Capistrano~Swallows Day Parade

march 20th, 2010  swallows day parade, san juan capistrano

we are goin for a train ride up to san juan capistrano, for the 52nd annual swallows day parade.  we will be leaving san diego from the santa fe depot in dtown san diego bright and early, the parade starts at 11am, rain or shine.  from the amtrak stop, its just  a short walk to the mission and parade route.

if your interested in having some fun with us…drop us an email.   stay tuned, we will have more info soon   photoministry@therocksandiego.org

photo courtesy of the orange county book

check out the info from the official swallows day parade site….

The 2010 Swallows Day Parade will be held on Saturday, March 20th. The Fiesta de la Golondrinas celebrates the legend of the return of the swallows to the San Juan Capistrano Mission on St. Joseph’s, March 19th. This event is the reason behind all the festivities.

The Parade takes place in down-town San Juan Capistrano. The Swallows Day Parade is the nation’s largest non-motorized parade. It is completly organized and presented by the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association. Arrive early; most street closures are in effect by 10.00 a.m. The parade begins promptly at 11 am.

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