harnessing the power of photography for good

where are the windows?

so…we would past this “motel” everyday on the way to san baltazar or tlacolua, and i would say thats a “motel,” where are the windows, thats an ugly out of the way place to stay… one of the times we went by this place, i mentioned why would someone choose to stay there….i was told its a “hook up” motel.

whoa!   stop the presses.  yes, this ugly place is out of the way for a reason.  its a motor motel, where you can come, drive in, with your mistress or lady of ill repute,  and do your thang.  if you look at the bottom pic,  there are no windows, for a reason.  and when you drive in, they have curtains that cover your car.  that way, someone driving in doesnt see your car.  not that someone there is likely to be snitching on you.  on our way to the city, oaxaca, from mitla, i saw a few more of these motels.  i was told its big business…not surprised.  but the things people do to hide their sin…


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